Terms and Conditions


Price of complete course for 1 student is 400 GEL. In case of 2 or more students (if they take lessons simultaneously) price is 300 GEL per one student. Beside complete course (where are 16 lessons), students can take additional lessons, for example to practice more and do more graphic design excercises in order to improve design skills. In this case student pays according to additional lessons, In case of one student, 1 lesson price is 25 GEL, in case of 2 or more students (if they take lessons simultaneously) price for 1 student is 20 GEL per lesson

Lesson duration and type

Course consists of 16 lessons, specific time-table is scheduled individually as student wants, mostly two or three lessons per week; lessons can be chosen every day, except Sunday, from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Student(s) can take course remotely or locally. If student decides to take course remotely, it is recommended to have microphone for computer to communicate with the lecturer during the lessons


Student(s) pay course fee after first lesson - either half of the price or full course price as student prefers. In case student chooses to pay half of the course price, student will have to pay second half after 8 lessons or after 1 month, whichever comes first. Student can also pay after each lesson (1 lesson price per 1 student is 25 GEL, in case of 2 or more students, if they take lessons simultaniously, 20 GEL per one student). If student takes course remotely, student can pay lecturer with bank account, PayPal, or Wise.com service. In case lesson is performed, lecturer will not refund paid lesson price for any reason. At first, to make sure if you want to take course, it is possible to attend at free demo lesson, where after talking to lecturer you will understand what level of designs you will be able to do

Free demo lesson

Persons interested in course can take free demo lesson, where after talking to lecturer (remotely or locally) interested person will find out what advantages this course offers and what kinds of designs hi/she will be able to create after taking the course. Also, interested person will have opportunity to meet course lecturer and ask questions to him. Duration of free demo lesson is not fixed and can take from about 15 minutes to 1 hour. At free demo lesson lecturer has every right - he decides duration of free demo lesson, when to make free demo lesson etc

2 year free support

As provided on website, student can take advantage of 2 years of free support after taking the course, from the design field. For this student can ask to join private Facebook group or Discord server for students, after which, student will be able to post questions or share his/her works; Student can also post anything considering he/she is not violating censorship and does not insult anyone firectly or indirectly, or in any way. Course lecturer does not guarantees 100% that he will answer all the questions and comment on all the student posts; but mostly he helps students and can share experience, also he might evaluate student's works if student gives consent

Information accuracy

On website, there are several specific informations provided, for example about competitor training courses, centers etc. Those informations are valid and researched from most trustworthy sources. Studens or any interested persons can check validity of those informations anytime themselves and in case of any errors contact website administrators


There are some "promises", that after taking the course, you will have opportunity to start the job at "prestigious" company, work as a freelancer and more. In reality, chances are maximum, but obviously no one can give you 100% guarantee and this depends on specific persons skill set, desire, sometimes on justification and other factors. Student agrees that those "promises" are not 100% true and can not be because that's the reality. Promise that you will be able to make kinds of works provided on website as examples is real, lecturer will teach you tools with which you will be able to do those kinds of edits/designs


Training course (including domain www.grafikulidizaini.com, visual and video content, texts and other materials created by owner) is property of physical body Luka Pataraia. It is prohibited to copy or steal any or all of the materials from website or course, in whole or in part

Aforementioned rules are defined by Luka Pataraia (grafikulidizaini.com lecturer, founder and owner) and modification of rules can take place anytime by him. Both student(s) and lecturer should agree to these rulese before taking course