Graphic Design

Learn graphic design with private lessons - after completing the course, you will be able to create any kind of graphic content for your needs, or you will be able to work as graphic designer both locally and remotely as a freelancer. You can take course locally or remotely via Skype application

What you can do

Vector Graphics

Course covers Adobe Illustrator, most popular vector graphics software


Raster Graphics

For raster graphics, Adobe Photoshop is covered as it's most popular raster graphics software


Design Fundamentals

Design concepts, fundamentals, color theory and other theoretical informations


Career as Designer

How to find jobs locally and as a freelancer

400 GEL

Course Price

16 Lessons

Number of Lessons

1.5 Months

Course Duration

Advantages over other courses

Are you interested in why this specific course is better than other training courses? you can see seveal criteria on the graph, where advantages of this course are clearly provided over competitor training courses. You can take free demo lesson, where you will personally talk to lecturer and also learn about other advantages of the course. To take free demo lesson please contact us via number provided below or fill in form and lecturer will call and talk to you himself during daytime.


Course Syllabus


Basic Concepts

• What is graphic design and where it is used

• Raster and Vector Graphics

• Comparison of Graphic Design Software

• Graphic File Formats

• CMYK and RGB Color Shemes


Adobe Photoshop

• Photoshop Preferences

• Photoshop Interface

• Finding and using digital images

• Opening images, changing resolution

• Layers

• Cropping images

• Selection tools

• Image editing tools

• Using guides and grids

• Cloning

• Using masks

• Color manipulation, contrasts and other adjustments

• Fonts, how to find and use them

• Exporting files in right format


Adobe Illustrator

• Illustrator Preferences

• Illustrator Interface

• Creating Files, Saving, Sizes

• Creating basic geometric shapes

• Shape cutting and union

• Object sizes, modification

• Pen tool

• Using grids

• Using masks

• Layers and artboards

• Colors, gradients

• Creating vectors from raster graphics

• Patterns

• Exporting files in right format


Job seeking, portfolio and other relevant concepts

• How to find job as graphic designer

• Salaries in this field

• Freelancing websites and usuful informations

• Finding and using templates

• Creating professional CV/Resume

• Creating and sharing portfolio

• Advises for job interviews

• Next steps in computer graphics

How to take course?

If you are interested, you can take free demo lesson with lecturer. During free demo lecture, you can speak with lecturer, he will show you some examples of what you will be able to create, and you will find out benefits of this course. Next, if you decide, you can arrange course timetable with the lecturer, twice per week or three times per week



Call lecturer at number +995 599 939637, or fill in form and lecturer will contact you himself



You can take free demo lesson with lecturer; if you decide to take the course, lecturer will arrange timetable for you considering your free time; you can also choose either local or remote learning


Starting the course

We will start course at defined time, locally or remotely as you wish

Any kind of content, photo editing and more

After completing the course, you will be able to create any kind of graphic content from 0, such as logo, flyer, illustration or any other. You will also be able to do photo editing, such as face correction, removal of unneeded objects from photos, color correction etc. Some examples are provided in images

Course advantages
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Course Lecturer

Course lecturer is Luka Pataraia. Luka has worked in number of large, prestigious organizations, including National Bank of Georgia, Insta and others. He has years of experience in the graphic design field, and he can also help you find the job as graphic designer because he also has long time experience in finding jobs and winning in job competitions; he has been to many interviews and knows what works to win competition and how potential employers can choose you. If you take the course, you will develop this and other important skills - which are important for everyone, to find job in this field anytime.

Asked Questions

During course we will learn most widely used software tools in graphics design field: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Also, we will learn design fundamental principles, color theory and many interesting and useful concepts which will be useful during work. We will also create portfolio, which will be crucial for your career

You will be able to create any kind of design for your needs or you will be able to work in any company locally or as a freelancer. Lecturer has years of experience in the principles of working in this field and will share number of useful and interesting informations, will help you build best CV/Resume and will show you how to make professional portfolio

Lecturer is graphic designer, painter and writer Luka Pataraia. Luka has worked in number of prestigious, large organizations such as National Bank of Georgia, Insta, TV Imedi and others. He has years of knowledge in the field of graphic design. Except that, he has years of experience in teaching and had number of students both locally and remotely

If you choose to take the course locally with the lecturer, lessons are performed at griboedovi street N18 (near Tbilisi State Academy of Arts). If you want, you can also take course remotely (say, if you are abroad, live far or just want to take lessons remotely). In case of remote lessons, lecturer will call you at defined times and share his screen via Skype; Each lesson will be recorded and students will be able to download recorded lesson videos and use them for personal use (sharing these videos in any way anywhere is strictly prohibited, obviously)

1 lesson duration is 1 hour. Time-table is chosen by student, usually twice per week or three times per week, although it is possible to choose lessons with less frequency, if student wants so. Specific hours for lessons are also individually chosen by student, usually from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Course consists of 16 lessons and price per one student is 400 GEL (payment can be made in two parts, second half after one month). In case of 2 or more students (if they want to take course simultaneously) course price per one student is 300 GEL. If student wants to take additional lessons, price of each additional lesson is 25 GEL. On those additional lessons it will be possible for student to work on additional projects and to create new interesting projects which will improve his/her design skills

This is not protracted, boring course and it goes interestingly with real world examples and interesting concept explanations. After completing the course lecturer will help you find the job (if that is the reason you take the course) and gives you 99% guarantee that you will find job with high paying salary, if student follows the lessons and makes an effort. He will also show you number of interesting websites and materials which will help you make design jobs much easier and become more productive. We will create best CV/Resume and portfolio and after sending those to potential employers, most of them will contact you for job interview. We offer 2 years of help after completing the course in design if needed, also, in case of desire you can join private Facebook group or Discord server where there will be graduates or those people who are in proess of taking the course; you will be able to ask questions or share your works in group. This is only the short list, about why this course is better than other course. You can see course advantages with competitors graphic on course website. Take free demo lesson and you will see yourself how much high level works you will be able to design (See next question about free demo lesson)

If you became interested but still are not sure if you want to take course or not, we offer you to take free demo lesson. During this lesson lecturer will show you specifically what level designs you will be able to create, why specifically those applications are chosen and will get additional information from lecturer in case of desire


What course gives to you?

After completing couses you will be able to:


Work as a designer

You will be able to find high paying job in any related company


Work as freelancer

You will be able to take projects and work as freelancer with various clients around the world


Create any kind of design

You will be able to create any kind of design, like logo, flyer or any other


Get ready for new career

If you decide to move to relative field, like computer animation, these skills will be useful


2 years free support

Join course and get 2 years of free support even after completing the course, about any subject from graphic design field. Also, you can join student private Facebook or Discord server if you want, where you can post your questions, share your works and more

Take course


For taking free demo lesson or to join course, please contact us via provided phone number or fill in the form and lecturer will call you himself

Frequently Asked Questions